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LEVI S is one of the most famous names from the western United states. It is also the first jeans inventor Levi Strauss (Levi. His name is Routh).
Levi Strauss migrated from Germany to New York at the age of seventeen in 1847. Almost completely without English, he worked for his two brothers in the first few years in the United States. He sells cloth and household goods everywhere in the remote towns and villages of New York and Kentucky. He sometimes even on the roadside or in the garage for the night.
Levis brand introduction
The news of the California gold rush made young Strauss quite fascinated and sailed to San Francisco in 1853. He brought a few rolls of canvas tents and caravans used to sell to the rapidly increasing population. But he found that the canvas had a better use, because a long old man said he should sell the trousers that could bear the rough use of the gold. So he sold the canvas to tailor the first order of Levi s jeans. On that day, Levi s legend was born.
People of this tough jeans a pass ten, ten pass 100. Young Strauss soon opened the first store in San Francisco. He produces a lot of waist - tight pants. After that, he gave up the canvas and used a twill roughened cotton cloth, a strong cotton fabric woven from French indigo dyes in France.
Strauss during the period from 1860 to 1940 as the original design of a number of improvements, including rivets, double arched and ensure standard leather bag flags after now, these are the world famous authentic Levi s Jeans logo.
Levi Strauss has indeed become a American tradition, for people all over the world, it represents the power and spirit of the western frontier.
Since its birth in 1922 in Texas, Dickies has been adhering to the principle of excellent functionality and superior quality to produce and sell overalls, casual pants, T-shirts and so on. In the United States, Dickies is the relatively best-known and most popular fashion brand for tooling.

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